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Morden Park Lodge No.8038

Warranted under The United Grand Lodge of England and The Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey

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Province of Surrey 2019 Festival Award

Many people wonder about Freemasonry, it's history and day-to-day workings. For many years it was clouded in mystery, some of it self imposed and some of it necessary. You can find out more about that in this website.

A detrimental effect of this has been a decline in membership. In recent years however Freemasonry has become far more open in explaining to the public, the positive effect Freemasonry has on it's members, their families and the wider community.

The individual Mason benefits from the enjoyment of spending time with likeminded men in a supportive , social environment , sharing a common philosophy to be of benefit to the community and live life by a high moral code.

In the community most people know Freemasons for their charitable work. We are rightly proud of the difference we make locally, nationally and worldwide 

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"We help other people, and have fun doing it."

- WBro.T Raines PSGD APGM

The initiatives this Lodge has taken in support of the 2019 Festival.

Come and join us having fun and raising funds.

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The Worshipful Masters-Masters
Untied Grand Lodge of England & The Provincial Grand Lodge Of Surrey
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Probably the Friendliest Lodge in Surrey

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300 years Tercentenary of Grand Lodge
300 years Tercentenary