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How best to describe your own Lodge ?

Our regular meetings are held at Sutton Masonic Halls four times a year, on the first Tuesday in the months of October, December, March, & May.

Our well attended Lodge of Instruction meets on a Monday night at the United Services Club on Carshalton Road , Sutton, These take place throughout the year, with breaks for the Festive Season and Summer Holidays. They are relaxed and fun to attend.


Consecrated in September 1965, we are really just juveniles in masonic terms, but we are a healthy , happy and growing Lodge.

The best description I have heard to describe our membership came from our Director of Ceremonies, that we are a very happy bunch of Mickey Takers 

Sutton Masonic Halls
The Small Temple at Sutton Masonic Halls

That being said. everyone is committed to ensuring that the Lodge continues on it's upward path.

Including visitors, most meetings normally have around 30 attending.

We have a really good mix of young enthusiastic Masons, keen to learn and put on  first class ceremonies, and experienced Masons to offer guidance and support.

We are very proud of how everyone supports the Lodge and the Province. 

We welcome all Masons in good standing to attend any of our regular meetings, and can assure you of a warm greeting,and an enjoyable meeting & Festive Board.

The Lodge is doing an excellent job in supporting the Province of Surrey 2019 Festival.

The majority of members have become Stewards of this Festival, and proudly wear their jewels. We have sponsored several initiatives as you saw on the home page. Our Brother Treasurer has done two sponsored cycle rides, The London 100 and The Tower to Tower Ride. and next May our Brother Secretary will be abseiling down Guildford Cathedral. This has resulted in us gaining a bronze achievement award. With continued effort we intend to upgrade this to a silver by 2019. Whilst the Festival is the main focus of our fundraising until 2019 it is not exclusive and many worthy charities are supported by our efforts as you can see below.

Our Bronze Award
Our Bronze Award

Some of the activities that our members take part in.


Regular Masonic Meetings
Social Events
Local Charity

The Preceptors Trophy Winner

2016               Bro Paul Diamond

2015                  Bro Martin Briggs




The Charity Stewards Award Winner

2016                               Bro Martin Briggs