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Posted by Barrie on February 7, 2017

Real Ale Train

Very glad to see our event being supported by Surrey Province. It should be a sell out 300 tickets to sell and you get a ride on a steam train and get to try local craft ales. Whats not to like ? If we can sell out we will have a great fun evening and raise some funds for the 2019 Festival. Ticket sales will close in May.




Posted by Barrie on January 23, 2017

Family, Work, Freemasonry

This should always be the order of your priorities and remaining true to this caused me to miss a visit to Kingston Aero Lodge for their Burns Night celebration.

However a good number of members went along to support them, and had a very good evening judging by the photographs. If anyone could help me out with a translation of this though I would be grateful.

For the record I enjoyed a very nice evening with my wife for her Birthday and even enjoyed a film that I didn’t think I would.

Many thanks Jeanette you were great company we must do it more often.

Happy Birthday 🙂


Posted by Barrie on January 20, 2017

Sponsored Abseil

Well time to stop sitting on the sidelines and get involved fully. If you would like to make my terror worthwhile and help support this charity follow the below link,

Many Thanks in advance.


Click Here to help make a difference

Posted by Barrie on January 19, 2017

50 year certificate

Really looking forward to our May meeting now, The first initiate of this Lodge will be receiving from the APGM his 50 year certificate.

A kinder more generous man you could not wish to find anywhere. Being a newbie of only 21 years I can only comment on that period of time, but to the best of my knowledge Peter has never managed to upset anyone in all that time.

Congratulations Peter and thank you for all you have done for Freemasonry in general and this Lodge in particular.

50th anniversay of becoming a Surrey Freemason

Posted by Barrie on January 13, 2017


While working on improving this website this morning I was looking at a celebrating 300 years of Freemasonry logo when a lightbulb moment happened in the form of an unanswerable question. One which began a train of thought.

Looking at the video’s of the work the Masonic Charitable Foundation are doing in helping to fund medical research, the assistance they give to aid agencies working in disaster zones, the funding old peoples homes. Just everything they do really.

How do they do it ?

From the generosity and fundraising of Freemasons and their families. Every time you pay your dues, attend an event , contribute to the charity column or buy a raffle ticket, what you are actually doing is allowing researchers and doctors to make these fantastic life saving breakthroughs, allowing rescuers to have the equipment to reach somebody before it’s too late, helping to pay the wages of someone holding the hand of an elderly person in a care home.

Giving somebody somewhere more time with their family and loved ones. WOW If that doesn’t make you feel good today nothing will.

I think next meeting I will buy an extra raffle ticket. Lots and lots of little things add up to one huge difference. 🙂

The question was I wonder how many lives have been saved in 300 years.

Masonic Charitable Foundation Logo
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