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Posted by Barrie on January 12, 2017

New page on the website

Bit of a test post here, but I am so glad that I found a way to work a photo of myself and Bro Treasurer into our website .

Posted by Barrie on January 10, 2017

RIP Starman

Nothing much Masonic for me to do today. Maybe a peek at the second degree tracing board.

However as a fan of David Bowie nice to share this tribute from a year ago.

RIP Starman.

Posted by Barrie on January 9, 2017

Committee Meeting

Very productive and informative meeting last night thanks Nick.

Today producing 300 numbered tickets one at a time for the Rat Train it’s all glamour don’t know how I keep up.

As the Stewards Motto goes ” service before self ” it will all be worth it on the day, and hopefully we can raise a decent chunk of money for the Festival.:-)

2019 Festival Logo

Posted by Barrie on January 8, 2017

Attraction and Retention

As the Province is endeavouring to grow the membership, steps are being taken to not only attract new members but to make sure we keep those we have.

To that end, we have to ensure we are meeting the needs and continuing to encourage our members to achieve the aims that brought them into Freemasonry initially. One of the initiatives is a ” Meet the Boss” idea , where all newly initiated Masons and their wives will be invited to fun but informative  group meetings where amongst others the Provincial Grand Master will be there to Welcome them personally into their new hobby.

So this evening I am off to a meeting with Surrey’s finest to work out the logistics to make this happen. Will it be a social occasion held in a hostelry ? We are all Freemasons of course it will 🙂

On the downside the slider on the website has given up the ghost, back to work grrrrrrrrr.

Posted by Barrie on January 7, 2017

The Beginning


This is going to be for all the day to day stuff that doesn’t really justify a page, but hopefully people might find interesting.
Just to make it clear so as not to frighten anyone away from Freemasonry, it doesn’t have to be this busy you put in as much time as you wish.
I’m quite glad to be able to blog anything today as the server was playing up earlier but thankfully all apears well now.
Day off work today so chance to carry on rebuilding this website, learning as I go along so it’s still work in progress but thankfully I have got the booking form all working well so we can take bookings for the Rat Train fundraiser.

Rat Train Advert