Joining our Lodge

What are the costs and what is the process ?

If you are considering becoming a Freemason here is what you need to know.

If you enjoy social events with like-minded people,and if you believe people have a social responsibility to help those in need.

You are already an uninitiated Freemason for these beliefs are all that bind us together

What is the first step in becoming a Freemason ?

You have already taken it by finding and reading this website.

You don't have to wait to be asked using your own initiative is a good thing. 

Am I eligible ?

To become a member of this Lodge you need to be :-


Over the age of 21,

Have a belief in a supreme being,

Have no criminal record. 


What are the costs ?

The annual costs to be a member of this Lodge are currently £240.00.

This includes your dues to Grand & Provincial Grand Lodge and four Festive Boards per year inclusive of wine.

Why this Lodge ?

We are a happy , healthy inclusive & growing Lodge that is on the up. We take the mentoring of new members very seriously and will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to progress at their own pace. 

What happens next ?

If you like what you see about our Lodge on this website get in touch using the contact form.

One of out members will contact you to arrange a convenient time for you to meet some of the members on an informal basis.

When could I join ?

Because we are a growing Lodge the next available meeting for us to initiate a new member would be December.

You would still be able to attend our social functions prior to this and get to know everyone.

An advantage of contacting this Lodge is that with members of this Lodge working on the Provincial Membership and Retention Initiative.

If for any reason this Lodge is not suitable for your needs we will be able to guide you to a Lodge which suits you better.

Take a moment to read the leaflet to see if Freemasonry is for you


Please talk to your family about your intention to join.

We believe family support is very important

Take the next step and begin your journey.    Contact Us>