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Freemasons Charitable Work

Very early in a Freemasons membership he is taught that charity should be a central part of his life, that not being detrimental to himself or his family.

All the money raised comes from the generosity of Masons, their family and friends. You will never see Freemasons rattling tins or asking for funds from non-masons.

A common misconception is that "Masons only help each other" the incorrect part of that is the word only.

Of course we help each other doesn't everyone help their friends when they can ?

Masonic Charitable work though extends far beyond it's own membership. Here are just some of the causes supported by Freemasons and their families which are benefitting everyone.

Support for the Air Ambulance Service

& three blood bikes supplied by Freemasons

freemasons ambulance
blood bikes cropped

A total of 22 Air ambulance and rescue services across England and Wales have recently received grants totaling £192,000. Since funding for these services began in 2006, over £2.2 million has been donated. These life saving services rely entirely on charitable grants and donations and it is a cause close to the hearts of many Freemasons.

Freemasons in Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset have recently been recognized for their long standing support for their local air ambulance charity and the Masonic Square and Compass has been added to the Great Western Air Ambulance.

Chief Executive John Christensen said: “We have been blown away by the generosity of the Freemasons, and wanted to do something to recognise the huge contribution they have made to our charity. It seemed fitting to have their logo placed on our helicopter, as this will be visible wherever we go across the six counties we cover. I was delighted to be able to meet representatives from the three provinces to thank them in person, and tell them more about how their support has made a big difference to us.”

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Freemasons donate to countless charities National, International and local. Some of these are one off donations maybe for a specific need or in time of particular crisis. Others are on going regular contributions and some are wholly Masonic charities or ones that were begun by Freemasons and have gone on to become independent charities in their own right.

Here are single examples of each of these.

Teddie's for Loving Care

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TLC is a wholly Masonic funded charity which started in the Province of Essex and has spread nationwide. It's intention is to be able to supply a teddy bear to every child who is taken into an A&E department or admitted to hospital.

TLC was launched in Surrey in March 2005. Since then more than 12000 bears gave been given to sick and distressed children thanks to the generosity of Surrey Masons. 

A letter received recently by TLC. 

"Our bear
My little girl had a accident causing her chin to be all cut open and she was very very upset and distressed about going to hospital but when she was given her TLC bear made all the difference at the end she thought she had to give him back for another girl or boy to cuddle while they were in need of a cuddle but when they said she could keep the teddy she was over the moon she name her teddy Lexi the same as her I came home to straight away donate £10 to your cause 'cos to help another child like mine is fantastic in my eyes and to see that it made another many bears made me even more happier
thank you so much
love mummy Claire and Lexi and not forgetting Lexi bear xxxx "

You are more than welcome.


Lifelites Charity

For most of us, there is nothing simpler than having a conversation with someone, whether it is to ask how they are or how their day is going; communication is a vital part of our everyday lives.

But sadly for some children who use one of the 50 children and baby hospices across the British Isles, even saying 'Mum' is a battle, as their condition means they cannot speak.

Over the years, the Masonically-inspired charity Lifelites has sought to overcome this barrier by being the only charity to provide specialist, educational and assistive technologies with software that gives the children a chance to communicate. Through the magic of technology, Lifelites gives severely ill and disabled children opportunities they would not otherwise have. From one button switches to technology that can be operated with just their eyes, a child can speak through an iPad or big screen and tell their mum that they love them.



The Royal College of Surgeons

Back in 1967, in partial commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the foundation of Grand Lodge, every Freemason in England and Wales was invited to contribute at least £1 to create an endowment for what was then the Grand Lodge 250th Anniversary Fund. More than £580,000 was raised, and used to create the first masonic charity with exclusively non-masonic objectives. The charity’s objectives remain ‘to further, in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons, research in the science of surgery’.

In its first years, the fund gave £25,000 to the Royal College of Surgeons of England, financing the first three Freemasons’ surgical research fellowships, a dental research fellowship and a library grant to help with the research process. 

Grants were made in all subsequent years and, by last year, total grants of more than £4.4 million had been made. In 2014, £135,000 was credited to three Freemasons’ fellowships and now the fund is regularly the largest fellowship contributor (although occasionally the College receives more from a donation).

logos of the four principal masonic charities


The four principle Masonic Charities have now been brought together under the newly formed Masonic Charitable Foundation. They will continue the tremendous work that has been done in the past. You can see from the video a snippet of what they have achieved in their first year.


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Surrey are a Province currently in Festival

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