How The Visiting Maul Came To Be

And the progress it has made in raising funds, and encouraging visiting between Lodges

The Idea

Whilst Stewarding for The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master at a Visit to Bisley Lodge No. 2317 to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Lodge.

I was astonished when we retired to the Festive Board to find that everyone had a miniature Maul as a name place.

With over 60 people dining it struck me the generosity of time that had been invested was quite beyond the call of duty.  After the meal I found out they had been handmade by the newly installed Worshipful Master, none other than W.Bro Jack Raine. I sought him out to thank him personally and found that it what somewhat of a hobby for him in his retirement, and that he had made lots of varying things for the Province.

Chatting with him an idea came to me that we could combine his undoubted talent to raise some funds for the Festival.

Could he make a very large , hollow Maul somewhat like a money box ?

He said he could, next I had to persuade my Mother Lodge to sponsor the cost of making it, which they thankfully agreed to.

Many thanks Brethren.


Surrey Freemasons Miniature Masonic Maul
An act of generosity which lead to a fund-raiser
A Craftsman hands over his work.l
Many Thanks for your craftsmanship Jack


The cost of the wood came to £180.00 

The labour costs for what was around a weeks work charged by Jack was £000.00. "Let's make a good sum for the Festival" was what he said.

This was all agreed all we needed now was approval from Province.

An e-mail to W.Bro Mark Winchester ProvGSec was passed to the then chairman of the Festival Charity Committee W.Bro Ian Chandler who went out on a limb and said go ahead. I wonder what ever happened to him ?

Jack got to work and a week later I collected this beauty from him. Great work Jack and many thanks to his wife for her patience whilst he worked on it and her impromptu role as photographer. 

Approval of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master.

Jack worked really hard to make sure it was ready in time for the Provincial Grand Charity Stewards Ball, held at Brooklands.

I was Stewarding again so took it straight over to show it off. I think it's safe to say that all those who saw it were impressed by the quality of the craftsmanship.

Not Least the PGM. As you will find out later.

How could we thank Jack ? An invitation to visit our Lodge for the 50th Anniversary Meeting was all he would accept.

Province clearly thought something more was needed.


The 2019 Festival Visiting Maul
TheRight Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of Surrey gives his approval.
The launch of the Province of Surrey Visiting Maul by Morden Park Lodge
A good visit had by all , and she is off.


We wanted a fast start and it's called the Visiting Maul so let's go visiting.

Gathering up four members of our Mother Lodge we went to visit our friends at Alvering Lodge No.8262. The newer brethren were pleased to attending a meeting where they received a lecture from the Provincial Grand Orator.

A template was set and the Maul was at the start of it's 4 year journey.

We were off and running.